You have to hear it to believe it

Front House Management  Karen Michelle sits down with CEO Noel Lee of Monster products to discuss the 37 years of innovation and its most recent BEATrayed lawsuit against Dr. Dre for selling his headphones to Apple for $3 Billion dollars and the creator Noel Lee walks away with $0. It was more than a pleasure to sit down with another genius to discuss marketing strategies for a well known product that launched Beats by Dr.Dre in 2008; says Karen Michelle.14656428_1746630428935524_6247562629828666076_n

Noel Lee’s career took place in 2007 in Santa Monica, CA in the inside of his garage later to discover a successful company called Monster that made and sold high-end speaker cables.

Many would say that Beats by Dr. Dre are overpriced and overrated when it comes to the quality. I would have to agree, maybe this was a blessing in disguise for CEO Noel Lee and his distinguish team to create a product as such that allows us to hear music the way it was meant to be heard.

These past two years Karen has spent time reviewing their new products and becoming a freelance ambassador for Monster as they search for a new identity.

Monster recently made a few appearances on one of the most watched shows; Empire. The 24 Kart headphones will be a killer this Christmas along with a few others. Talk about14717215_1746613228937244_8417564198670627765_n detail and quality! Karen Michelle is known for her experience in the fashion industry, and to be able to give her opinion on these fashionable headphones is priceless. Monster also just announced the blaster Boom Box, this Boom Box will take you  back as far as the early  70’s when we use to carry our music on the shoulder bouncing our heads to Grandmaster flash while walking up and down the streets in our community.


So if you’re asking yourself, Do we support Monster? Yes, we support a company that has dignity and speaks against domestic violence as we recently learned about Dr. Dre’s history of domestic violence in the beginning of his career. I’m not to sure I would want to wear a brand on my ears, better yet around my neck that symbolize something so negative. I can’t deny Dre’s talent in the music industry as a trail blazer, but at the same time I don’t stand for domestic violence. Dr. Dre you may have had a lot of support back then, but since the truth is out, its time for a new sound, and a pure sound. I AM MONSTER!

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