Publicist vs. Designers: Why pro bono shouldn’t be in your budget.


I ran across this article today with Daily Front Row about Peoples Revolution Kelly Cutrone pulling the plug on designer David Tlael due to no payment for NYFW show. Designers what are you thinking?Kelly-Cutrone-Feet-276840
As a company that specializes in publicity and production, a designer not paying or not wanting to pay is the norm and the deepest end of disrespect. Designers have come to believe that a PR company’s job is to bring the press, media, and key people to their event without paying a dime; which we label as pro bono and that should never be in an emerging/ established designer’s budget.
Designers need to understand that if you want a successful show with the proper acknowledgement you have to pay the cost to boss that moment up. Never expect anyone to set the stage and foundation for your long term career in the fashion world as a designer without paying your dues.

Kelly Cutrone is admired by a few but also hated by many. You can’t hate her for what she has built for years and the sacrifices she has made. It is not easy starting a PR company from the ground up; there will be days that you want to throw the towel in and walk away from it all. Don’t think for a minute that a freelance publicist doesn’t invest their own person money into their business.
As a designer you need to know your place and know there is a fine line with mutual respect when working with a PR company.


Top five things to keep in mind when you need PR services:20100311_whitneyeve_560x375

1. Have a budget.
2. Be prepared to go over your budget when you begin to wanting more.
3. Know your place.
4. Our time is valuable
5. Pay on time with no remaining balance the day of your show.

Daily Front Row:



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